Saturday, May 14, 2011

Much to do

I'll be working in my yard most of the day today. My yard is huge. Its a big pie-ish shaped lot (the front yard can easily fit 9 or 10 cars across it on the street) and its on a hill. The back yard is a bit smaller, but still not tiny. I've solved some of the challenges by putting in rock gardens on part of the front hill and bordering the fence lines in back with flower beds. But those of course present their own challenges. Namely weeding.

In all honesty, I've neglected this chore a bit this spring. I've stayed on top of the grass cutting and weedeating in other areas, but the getting on my hands and knees and pulling weeds part.... well, I've been a bit neglectful. And it is time to correct that.

Yesterdays rain definitely cooled it off a bit around here, so the yard work shouldn't be miserable in that respect. However yesterday's rain left everything.... well soaked. So while I won't be a candidate for heatstroke today....I will probably be a bit uncomfortable as it is difficult to stay dry on your hands and knees in a soaking wet flower bed. Bright side though..... those weeds should be quite easy to pull up!

So if you need me.... I'll be in the garden!

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