Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pup Sitting Part II

So, Big Boy was supposed to head home tonight. Brave Friend came by to pick him up. We had a glass of vino on the porch. She went to get Big Boy in the car.... uh, uh.... not gonna happen. Big Boy has some vision problems. And apparently, due to those problems, he does not care for climbing into SUVs after dark. So, after much prodding, bribing and begging... Big Boy would NOT get in the car. Nothing we did could convince him (hey, YOU try making a ticked off 95 pound dog with jaws of steel do something he doesn't want to do! haha).

So Big Boy is spending the night again. We'll try again in the morning -- and if he won't get in the car then, Brave Friend will walk him home. That wasn't an option tonight because 1. The walk comprises crossing a dangerous street at night... not the best idea with a grumpy pup and 2. She ran 2 5Ks in two days....while photographing the race.... its a bit of a haul to her house at this point.... So.... Pup spend the night party at Casa Sass again tonight! Whoop!

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