Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Dining Out

This month, my budget was totally killed. And much of it was my fault. Convenience. Laziness. Whatever you want to call it. I made way to many trips through the drive through, out to eat with friends, and to Domino's for takeout. Other than the meals out with friends, most of it was pretty crappy anyway so I'm really irritated with myself. There were other budget busters too, but this one is the one I'm really steamed with myself about because it was totally avoidable.

So from now through the end of June (That's 37 DAYS!) I am going to challenge myself not to eat out at all. I will clarify that I will eat out on travel days for work because I am reimbursed for that. But other than that.... ZIP...ZERO...ZILCH...NADA.

I'm hoping I will stick to this. I haven't done the greatest at sticking to challenges, but maybe I can do this one! All I know is I've GOT to get that spending under control.

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