Saturday, May 7, 2011

I heart my town!

So today we had the annual "We Love Homewood Day". My PC Team Leader and I ran a booth at the festival at the park and hopefully made som important connections! But the best part was I ran into what seemed like 10 jillion people I knew! I do SO adore running my mouth! So this was like 10 kinds of fun for me!

Afterwards, I came home, chilled out for a few, then headed back for the evening street festival. Grabbed a table outside the local Mexican place, had dinner and margos, and hung out with half the city. Chatted with the Mayor, met the new police chief and got a lecture from the Deputy Chief about rolling through stop signs because I'm too distracted by how absolutely fabulous Ms. Haveron's garden looks. I must confess, I've been pulled over twice this week for that offense, but got off once because the officer was 82nd Airborne like my brother, and the second time because said Deputy Chief was doing a ride along with the officer. I'm kind of thinking that I might have just rather had that ticket than the lecture! (Which he was totally right about by the way!)

Anyway, its been a good day, but its time for me to get some sleep. I <3 you, Homewood!

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