Sunday, May 29, 2011

Go, go, go, go, go....

On the Go. That will be my complete and total focus today and tomorrow. Graduation and birthday celebrations will take front and center this Memorial Day weekend. Today, my nephew graduates from High School. We will be heading to a brunch in his honor shortly. After that, we will head to the Civic Center for the graduation itself. That will comprise almost all of our day today. Fortunately, I got up early this morning to get a few things done since I KNEW the rest of the day would go by without any progress in the house. I've watered the outdoor garden beds (WHEN is it ever going to RAIN again?), I've fed the compost bin, I've weeded some and cut back bushes. I've straightened up inside the house (one of Princess Penelope's friends will be spending the night tonight because her parents are out of town). And I've consumed massive amounts of coffee. All in all, a productive morning.

Tomorrow, since my brother is in town for my nephew's graduation, the family will be getting together to celebrate for both of us (his birthday is in June and its unlikely he will get back home before then). He came by yesterday afternoon and we discussed what we both wanted for our birthdays. We came to the conclusion that both of us had enough stuff, and since neither of us could figure out what we actually wanted, we'd just skip getting presents for each other this year, because basically we'd just be exchanging gift cards. Money is really tight for him right now, and since I'm on my get-out-of-debt-get-Princess-to-college-quest, it seems rather pointless to exchange gift cards for things we don't need when neither of us has extra money. This works for us -- and for our bank accounts.

Time to go get ready for the fabulous day ahead!

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