Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out of sorts

I've been a bit MIA this week --- had a great Sunday afternoon working my side gig. Hit the road Monday for a trip out of town for my regular job. Got back yesterday afternoon. Had just enough time to pick Thing 1 and Thing 2 up and drop them off at home before I had to head back out to a meeting. Princess Penelope wasn't even home from basketball tryouts when I left.

When the meeting was just about over, I got a tet from the Princess saying she was worn out from tryouts and studying for exams and she was crashing. So, I didn't actually even see her ntil this morning! Worked a full day today, came home and decided carryout pizza was the way to go for dinner (I seriously did NOT want to cook). So now, I'm just chilling. There are a jillion little things begging for my attention, but I really don't want to move from the couch.

I'm back on the road tomorrow, so I really should get off my behing and get something done. But its a comfy couch.

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