Monday, May 23, 2011

Forty Wonderful

Today is my birthday! Forty-one. For some reason its those birthdays before and after the milestones that always give me the most pause. The milestones get all the fanfare, so you can enjoy them....even when it means you are no longer in your twenties, or your thirties, etc., etc. But the ones right before, I always seem to think geez "I'm about to be "x" years old and I haven't done this, this or this". The ones right after its like, "Oh, smack...I'm really really really in this decade, so I've really really really got to get this, this and this accomplished before I hit the next big one".

This birthday has and will be pretty low key. Princess Penelope has exams Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so I nixed the plans for a full family get together tonight. I didn't want to have my family birthday celebration while Princess was home studying. I took the day off work today, because I have plenty of vacation time shored up, and because I know that if things go the way we hope they will at work, I will be too totally slammed come July and August to take any time. Princess didn't have an exam today, so she didn't have to go to school. So, we both slept in.... Apparently in my old age, 630 is now "sleeping in" for me. Its 730 now, so Princess will definitely be sleeping in a bit longer! Ha.

Last night I celebrated by going out to eat with Brave Friend and Offbeat Friend. We grabbed some Mexican and mischief at a local place where I tend to go quite a bit, but Offbeat Friend is "likethis" with the owners. Made for a birthday with some "extras" thrown in. Brave Friend ad Offbeat Friend picked up my portion of the check for my birthday. Then we headed to our favorite local watering hole (this is where we tend to watch the Alabama Football games in the fall when we don't have tickets to that game). Anyway, while our favorite bartender wasn't there, his sidekick was and his sidekick comped my drinks, because hey, its my birthday!!!! :-)  We made an early night of it and I was home by 10.

I did actually make one achievement last night! I won playing Darts! Or Cricket, or whatever you want to call it. I usually am totally craptastic playing that game. But last night I had some good birthday mojo going on. Five, count them, 5 bullseyes. Whoop! Take a good look, because that will never happen again!

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