Monday, June 6, 2011

Almost There!

Well, with credit card 1 at any rate --- my total amount owed is now down to $542.72. I'll make my normal debt snowball payment of $310 to that this month, and then the remainder in July! And that bad boy will be paid off! And it a few days before my goal of July 31. For credit card 2, I've really messed up though. I've put some things on it when I haven't had my debit card with me and then forgot to immediately go online and transfer that money onto the balance. So I'm really out of whack on that one. I think that once I get credit card 1 gone, it will be easier to focus on it --- I hope!

I wonder if I can make my jacked up cell phone last another two months, so I can pay credit card 1 off early and then make a really nice snowball dent in credit card 2 to get my mojo moving. Sigh. It isn't really fun when you have PROOF that you messed up --- and your budget numbers are actually worse than you thought.


  1. I have done it. And my plans on paper never seem to work as anticipated. Right now just focus on your July pay off!

  2. I've shredded all of the credit cards I'm paying off so I don't make mistakes like that. Makes a big difference!

  3. I probably need to shred it --- but I do leave it with Penelope when I travel to work as an emergency backup. To her credit, she has never used it. But if something goes wrong and she has car trouble while I'm gone or has to go to the doctor I want her to be able to pay for it. So I haven't let it go yet. I need to come up with another strategy for that.