Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Epic Fail!

Well, I had challenged myself not to eat out the entire month of June. And I have failed. Miserably. Not only that, but I failed TWICE in one day!

It all started so innocently, too.... Princess Penelope had to take the ACT on Saturday. So after I dropped her off, I came home and got really busy around the house. I dusted. I vaccuumed. I swept. I mopped. I decluttered. I made beds. I scrubbed the kitchen. And I consumed lots and lots of coffee all the while. When it came time to go pick up the Princess, I hopped in the car. Driving around in the middle of the day in a black car, when its 97 degrees out and all you've consumed is coffee all day.... well you kind of feel off about it. By the time I picked her up, I was super thirsty and completely famished. Apparently, the ACT does the same to Princess Penelope, we just could not wait the 20 minutes home. We pulled into the nearest fast food place --- and $15+change later.... well, you get the idea.

After I got back home, changed clothes and primped up a bit Singer Friend and I headed out for our Mani/Pedis.... we chatted and gossipped and giggled all the way through those.... and afterwards..... we decided we needed to grab a bite and continue the gab fest. So, two hours later.... another $20 -- because hey, wine goes well with gossip!

So, I failed the challenge. I didn't even make it through half the month. But, I'm not letting my fall from grace deter me.... I think I can still get through the month without any more slipups! I'll just have to avoid gossip/gab fests for a bit!


  1. Tomorrow is a new day with a fresh start. I restart my diet every single day! It's wonderful to give ourselves permission to be "off" every once in a while. We're only human:)

  2. I have done this challenge a few times and never made it through the entire month. If it makes you feel better....we burnt dinner tonight, and will probably go get something.

    Feel better now?

  3. Thanks girls! And no burning dinner for me tonight.... we had leftovers!