Sunday, June 5, 2011

Experiments in Air Drying - Part II

So the experiment in air drying went pretty well. It was definitely more labor intensive than just popping clothes in the dryer, but all in all, it went well. It probably would have gone a bit faster if I hadn't kept running out to the deck to see how fast everything was drying. (Newbie)

I decided I definitely needed a drying rack. So, when Princess Penelope and I headed out today to get her basketball shoes on the other side of Birmingham, I decided we'd stop by Target, get her a couple of pairs of shorts and I'd see if they had a drying rack. Which in the flurry of clothes shopping for a teenager, I forgot all about. Got back to my side of town and realized I'd forgotten about the drying rack completely. So I pulled into our local WalMart (which by the way, I really really really hate going there). I walked up and down their laundry aisles.... no drying racks. About 15 different chi-chi laundry sorters, but no basic drying rack. Ugh.

So then I went to Big Lots, and K-Mart, and finally found one at a discount place called Fred's. Easy assembly! Whoop! I got it together, put two pieces of clothing on it.... and it collapsed:

Cheap wood and plastic... I really should not have expected anything different. So, I still had laundry that needed drying and still wanted to keep the dryer time to a minimum.... so I hauled up a couple of folding chairs from the basement, wiped them down, and stretched Princess Penelope's sheet over it to dry. Not pretty. Not practical in the long run (really don't want to haul those chairs all over creation every time I do laundry. But necessity is the mother of invention. And at this point I don't care what the neighbors think! Ha.

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