Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sour Grapes

Yesterday at Publix I bought a pound of gorgeous green grapes. They looked so cool and crisp sitting there, especially considering it was 97 degrees outside when I went into the grocery store. Afternoons at my office have been excessively hot due to AC issues and the weather. I thought these would be the perfect afternoon snack. Cool, refreshing, sweet, delicious.

Uh.... not so much. Those have got to be the MOST sour grapes I have ever put in my mouth. I keep trying to eat them... but its kind of like putting a Warhead in my mouth. With no later reward of sweetness. Ugh. I even tried adding some sugar.... and then they were basically Sour Patch Kids. I don't know WHY I am so disappointed in these grapes. I mean they are just grapes. But darn, popping one of those in my mouth was a huge letdown. I get fixated on the weirdest things sometimes.

Oh! And I was going to post a picture of them --- but these grapes are just plain contrary and every photo was worse than the one before. I think I'll go eat some ice cream instead.

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