Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where Did the Bread Go?

See those two pups up there? They look all sweet and innocent, don't they? They are criminals. Highly seasoned and sneaky criminals, I tell you! The crime? Stealing an entire loaf of bread.

We are generally not big sandwich eaters. Princess Penelope doesn't like sandwiches at all and so I tend to rarely buy sandwich bread. However, since Princess Penelope will be gone all week, I thought I'd pick some up because 1. Cooking for one person is no fun. 2. Having sandwich stuff at home this week would lessen the likelihood that I'd choose the convenience option of the drive through this week. 3. Its just too dang hot to cook! So I bought some yesterday when I was out running errands.

So I toiled around the house yesterday, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and setting pressure washers on fire. Then, I got cleaned up and met a friend out for a margo and chips and cheese dip (yes another eat out failure, but that's a whole other story!). Anyway, I got home, played around on the computer, and waited for the Princess to get home. When she got home I went to bed.

This morning, I made my coffee, let Thing 1 and Thing 2 out, and decided I'd have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich this morning. I looked in the pantry. No bread. I looked in the fridge. No bread. I looked in all of the kitchen cabinets. No bread to be found. I went to the car to see if I had left it in the car by mistake. No bread. Irritated and frustrated (not all the way through the first cup of coffee yet), I plop down on the couch and I step on a plastic wrapper. A plastic bread wrapper. With nary a crumb left.

Apparently, I had left the loaf of bread on the kitchen counter and while I was gone, Thing 2 decided she wanted a snack. She is my counter surfer extraordinaire! And while I know that Thing 2 was the brains and brawn behind the crime (because Thing 1 can't reach the counter), I have no doubt that Thing 1 helped himself to the spoils of the crime, too. And they know they did wrong. As soon as I picked that wrapper up off of the floor. they both scattered. Thing 2 hid her head under the dining room chair (like that hides the rest of her) and Thing 1 ran and got under the bed (he's a bit smarter in his choice of hiding places).

No PB&J for me this morning due to the criminal element currently living under my roof. Sigh.


  1. Sass,
    This is so funny! I have a thief in my home too. Only chocolate is his weakness. Fortunately for him he weighs 85 lbs and can handle eating some chocolate carelessly left on our table...
    Hope you find something else to eat! :)!

    P.S. Thing 1 and 2 are adorable! :)!

  2. Thing 2 is the criminal mastermind! And she loves chocolate too! Last Christmas she broke in to all of the stocking stuffers.... twice.... ate all of Princess Penelopes stocking goodies as well as those intended for the pups. She was darn lucky I got all that stuff almost free!

  3. lol! Rotten dogs! ;) I have a cat and shes much too small to pull a stunt like this! ;)

  4. And that is why I have a cat lol! I had a dog growing up and she was my lifesaver come supper time. She would sneak under the table and put her head in my lap and I would funnel all the stuff I didn't want to eat to her, she never let me down! I still miss that dog!

  5. Bread...what bread? I don't know nothing 'bout no bread...?!?!

    That is exactly what their faces look like in this picture. LOL!!!! That is hilarious :)

  6. Yes, they look innocent... but don't let those innocent expressions fool you. They just wait until you let your guard down and then wham! It's a smorgasboard party in the pantry!