Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cheating on the Yard Work

Its been a few weeks since I had to cut the grass. Its been so dry here that the grass just hasn't been growing so in the 95+ degree heat, I've at least had that reprieve. However, we had rain and storms several days out of the past week, and the weeds in the grass have now grown like they are on steroids! My yard needed some TLC. So, I went to get the mower out.... and I have NO gas in it! Crap. I really didn't feel like changing clothes (my yard work attire is a ratty tank top and ratty shorts that I will NOT be seen out in public in --- even if it IS just at the gas station!), getting in the car and running to get gas. So, I pulled out my weedeater, which was fully charged and just cut back the weeks that were sticking up and looking unsightly. The grass itself is still at a presentable length, so I'll mow that last weekend.

For now though, at least I don't have to cringe in shame every time I pull up to the house! While not perfect, it is at least, once again presentable!

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