Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garage Sale Steals and Deals --

I killed a little bit of time this morning hitting some garage sales in between errands and picking up Princess Penelope. I am loving the BRAND NEW sandals I picked up for $1! I also picked up a plastic shoe box -- yes, I know its not an amazing find -- but it was actually on my list of stuff I needed to purchase --- so that worked out well -- -and saved me a trip to the dollar store. I also got an ADORABLE recipe binder. Now, maybe I'll do something with that STACK of recipes I've either torn out or printed online! And last but not least (at least in Penelope's mind) --- 2 Britney Spears and 1 Eminem CD --- 50 cents each.

Gotta love it when people get rid of their "stuff".

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