Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another CVS Trip

I managed to get into CVS again yesterday to get my much needed hairspray and pick up a few more things. It always tickles me when I can get a bunch of needed stuff for the price of just one of the items I'm picking up. Okay, I'll be honest, the Cheez-its aren't a "need" but we do adore those crackers of cheesey goodness! Anyway, my total spent on the items above was $2.01 (the cost of ONE box of Cheez-Its was $2) --- for a savings of $19.58! Really? $19.58? Wow. Prices have really sky rocketed!

I realized later that although the ad said one deal per household on the Pantene Hairspray, the limit was actually 2. I was kicking myself for not realizing that while I was at the store because I had another $3 coupon. I was pretty happy to notice in this morning's paper that the deal is still on --- so I'll make another trip this week to get more hairspray! I also walked out of the store with another $5 in ECBs to use on that future quest for hairspray!

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  1. I love shopping at CVS. Thanks for sharing your shopping trips.

    I am now a follower.