Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Wednesday Already?

Wednesday is the day that the new grocery ad and sales start around here. I've looked through the Publix ad and its just not really exciting to me this week. However, it IS penny item day, (with a coupon from the newspaper you get the "mystery" item for 1 cent with an additional $10 precoupon purchase) so I need to go to the store. Today's penny item is Publix TP --- this is the only way I ever seem to get almost free TP! Knowing my luck they will have subsituted something else by the time I get there (my Publix ALWAYS seems to do that when the corporate item is something GOOD!)

I've looked through the ad, and there are just enough items on sale that are useful to us, that I can cobble together a $10 trip. At least I think so. And just so you know.... I'm not going over there just to get cheap TP! I've got to go over there anyway to return that total failure of a drying rack to the store that's just across from my Publix.

In the meantime though, I need to go get ready for work --- which I'm not especially looking forward to today as we have a training class through the rest of the week. I'll probably need that shoppers high afterwards! Ha!

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