Friday, June 17, 2011

Energy Eeeeek!


I have spent the last few weeks whining, moaning and complaining about the ridiculous heat in June, my AC running non-stop and the lack of rain. As it turns out, I guess I had a good reason to complain...

I got my power bill today. The heat has now officially taken its toll on my budget. The bill was $173.17, compared to $89.78 last month. We used 46 kwh this month --- 23 last month! And when I compared this bill to the same time period as last year, well, that hurts too! $143.39 last year, with 37 kwh used. Of course, it wasn't high 90's this time last year.

The really frustrating thing is that we aren't running the air at a really comfortable temperature. It is 80 degrees in the house during the day and the AC is running NONSTOP! I lower it to 78 at night because I just can't sleep when I'm sweating. We use ceiling fans. All of the lights are CFLs, and if no one is in the room the lights are OFF. The only exception to this rule is the porch light. I KNEW the power bill was going to be bad, but I didn't know it would be quite THIS bad.

And just so I don't have an entire post of whining.... we did get a GOOD rain shower today -- about an hour and a half's worth --- and it is currently 76 degrees outside. The windows are open, and I'm hoping the AC doesn't have to kick on at all tonight! Hopefully it will cool down inside before bedtime (one story house, I do NOT sleep with windows open!)


  1. Feeling your pain hon! I've been doing a lot of nagging around here about unplugging computers and chargers but what can I do about central air? I try to run it as little as possible but I don't have co-operation from the other members of the household. Plus they do stuff like leave the windows open when it's running!! HELP!!

  2. Windows open when its running? OUCH. I should get some energy savings this week -- Princess Penelope has gone to her Dad's for the week which means very little will be running during the day when no one is home.