Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not The Wake-Up Call I Wanted....

WARNING! This may be WAYYYYYYYY too much information!

Okay, so picture this..... It's 5:30 a.m., and I blissfully snoozing away since my alarm won't go off until 5:45. Thing 2 decides I need to get up a bit early (or perhaps SHE needs to get up early) and jumps up on my bed. I sleepily tell her "Five more minutes" (hmmmm, I get the that from Princess Penelope a lot), and roll over. And then.... IT happens. Thing 2 turns around and.... barfs... all over my bed. Comforter, sheets, and mattress pad. Yeah, well, THAT got me moving.... I jump out of bed, let the pups out into yard, and start stripping the bed. Thank goodness for a good thick mattress pad, as nothing soaked down to my mattress. But SHEESH! Washing linens before I've even had the first hit of coffee is not my ideal way to start the day! Thing 2 just sat there wagging her stump of a tail.

So, here I sit, the comforter is washed and is stretched out over chairs on the deck to dry.... the sheets and the rest are now going through the wash. I really do NOT want to have to throw these all in the dryer, because its going to be another high 90 day and I don't want to heat up the house. However, I will get on the road at 8 and head out of town for work. I will be back late this afternoon, but I'm afraid that the sheets will sour if I leave them in the machine that long because of the current heat and humidity, but there's no way to stretch them out to dry before I leave because of space issues. I'm hoping that I can count on Princess Penelope to handle it when she gets home from basketball workouts around noon. However, counting on a teenager to remember to do something she doesn't normally do, well, that's not always the best thing to count on!

So, do I suck it up and throw the sheets in the dryer.... or do I take a chance on the Princess and possibly having to wash the sheets again?


  1. They will be fine in the washer, even if Princess forgets and you rescue them this afternoon.

    Not a good way to start your day.....

  2. Yes.... she forgot... but they don't smell all funky.... so they are drying on the deck as I type!