Monday, June 13, 2011

Cooking for my Freezer

So with my shopping trip to Aldi on Sunday, it was time to feed my freezer a bit. I'm not together enough to plan out whole menus a month in advance, nor am I organized enough to get enough for a full month's worth of meals cooked in one day. However, I do try and do a lot of prep work in advance so that I can just come home from work and throw dinner together quickly.

After shopping on Sunday, I decided it was time to get some stuff prepared in advance. After about two hours of work, I fed my freezer the following:

4 meals worth of regular cooked ground beef (with onions and shredded squash)
6 meals worth of seasoned cooked brown beef (ditto on the above veggies)
2 pounds sliced strawberries
2 pounds blueberries
Shredded squash
Diced Onions
7 Barbeque Sandwiches
Tuna Salad
1 Nacho Casserole (last night's dinner)

I had planned to roast a chicken, but realized that instead of putting it in the freezer, it had gotten shoved to the back of the fridge, and was three days past its Sell By date. Not wanting to risk it, the chicken was fed to the garbage can. Doh!

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