Monday, June 6, 2011

My Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am certain that I am not the only woman on the planet with a "thing" for shoes. One of my favorites sayings  is "One shoe can change your life forever. " - Cinderella. In our house the spike heeled apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Princess Penelope has more of a shoe "thing" than her mom. That girls has some serious shoes.....spikes, wedges, booties, boots, loafers, flats, flops, sandals, peep toes, her shoes run the gamut.

I am actually a bit more restrained in my shoe inventory. I've finally reigned in my shoe spending and focus more on having several different great shoes per season for work, ditto for play. One of my favorite brands is BORN. I love these shoes! Cute. Comfortable. What's not to love? Oh yeah, the price. Most of my true BORNS have been accumulated through end of the season sales. And these shoes LAST (unless Thing 2 gets her puppy teeth on them (whole other story). And now they have BORN Original Concepts, a really fun line of shoes with a slighly lower price point, but seem to have same factors of cuteness, comfort and durability. I LOVE my Borns.

Recently, Princess Penelope has taken a shine to my black BORN flip flops. She tends to bypass her own and asks to borrow mine. Sometimes I relent and let her wear them. But I never really want to (yes, I'm terrible!) This evening she was preparing to go out with friends and comes out and asks "How does this look?" She has on my wedge-heeled, slight platform black BORN sandals. Unfortunately, they look GREAT with the outfit. Bye-bye my BORNS! I heart you!


  1. Thank god I have lots of time before I get to this stage. Then again, you can raid her shoes too, no?

  2. I wish! Her foot is about a half size larger than mine! So while she can raid my sandals and flip flops (closed toe, not so much), her shoes tend to flop all over my feet. sigh.