Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship With My Cell Phone

Back in 2000 I got my first personal cell phone with T-Mobile. It was a Nokia phone, and I simply adored it. I kept that phone until 2003 when the battery quit holding a charge. I sincerely lamented the loss of that phone. Little did I know how much I would miss it! So, I got another one, and had it for about two years. When that one gave up the battle, I took Princess Penelope's phone and upgraded hers --- our phone company had offered 2 phones for free with a 2 year contract extension. I made those phones last for me until 2009 when I dropped the second one on a tile floor and broke it to pieces. In the interim, Princess Penelope had upgraded every year. And that wasn't even because she necessarily wanted to, it was because the stupid phones just quit working.

The phone I got in 2009, I loved! Easy to use, and it fulfilled by basic requirements of needing to make phone calls. I had no desire for a "smart" phone or anything else like that. I just wanted a phone to serve its basic purpose and it basically did, although I did have to replace it with the insurance once. So fast forward to January 2011. Princess Penelope's current phone started dropping calls with alarming regularity. This did not please me, because there's nothing like getting a check-in phone call from your teenage daughter -- and only get dead air. So, we got her yet ANOTHER new phone. My phone was going great --- and then IT happened. It quit working. Wouldn't even turn on. So, as a stop-gap measure, I took over Princess Penelope's jacked up phone. I figured that since I also have a work cell phone (with somewhat limited minutes), I wouldn't be in a position with NO communication.

Then today.... the jacked up phone decided to die too. I tried again to resuscitate my old phone, and its working for making and receiving calls, but the visual display is not showing up at all. It is time to get a new phone. I have no intention of extending the contract again. I LOVED TMobile --- but now they've been bought by AT&T and I can already tell the difference in customer service. I will definitely need to shop around when my current contract ends. However, now I'm stuck purchasing another "disposable" cell phone. It is absolutely ridiculous that these phones are now made with planned obsolescence. I swear they are made to die at least once a year. It is so frustrating! Yet, I keep on replacing and upgrading. And quite frankly, I'm tired of it.


  1. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got a new T Mobile upgrade at the end of April around the same time AT&T bought them and that's when my world was turned upside down. They owe me $50, I can't get anyone on the phone to get it back and my bill has been wrong every month and I can't get to anyone to get it fixed. I would save more money if I just ended my contract and paid the fee and went to someone else! I am finished with them...and I been with them four years and referred people to them they used to be so great!

  2. I'm going to take a trip into the actual brick and mortar store today to see what's what. I'm also going to see when my contract ends, but honestly, I think with Princess Penelope's upgrade in January, I'm extended out until January 2013. I didn't think twice then about renewing for another 2 years because, heck, I'd been with them for 11 and wasn't looking to change.

  3. We switched to Verizon in Feb 2010 when our contract with TMobile expired. We didn't have a problem with TMobile...just didn't like their selection of phones at the time. We have been happy with Verizon.

    My biggest peeve with cell phones is that it is becoming harder and harder to NOT have a smartphone, and a smartphone REQUIRES a data plan at $10-$30 a month.

    We have entry level smartphones right now (they don't even make our style anymore) and it is $10 a month for the data plan. Plus the actual PLAN, and we added a text package.

  4. I've got the unlimited text package --- with a teenager its kind of "required" if you don't want $350 cell phone bills (trust me, I learned this the hard way).

    I just don't WANT a data plan. Of course the Princess would love it if I got one! I have an iPhone through work, but I really don't like it all that much. The data portion is S-L-O-W and my chipmunk cheeks always seem to bump the mute button when I'm talking on it.

  5. I don't think the changes in Tmobile actually take place until 2012 but either way I'm out the door this September. I'm going to MetroPcs. $60 for everything. Yes, please.

  6. I don't think it does either, but I have noticed a change in the over-the-phone customer service. My visit to the store today was actually productive --- we ended up shaving $30 off my bill with a better plan without a contract extension--- I haven't pulled the trigger on a new phone yet.